Although drug addiction is a serious, and in some instances, life-threatening disease, being an addict is not the end of the road. There is help available to help you overcome your demons.

The Line Between Abuse and Addiction

There is a stark difference between abusing drugs, and being addicted to drugs, and the two should never be confused. Drug abuse occurs when you use both illegal, and legal substances in a way that it was not intended. On a stressful day you may be inclined to take a few more than the recommended dosage of happy pills than you should. Repeatedly carrying out such an action is an abuse of the drug. This kind of behaviour is easily stopped once you realize the damage it is causing. Drug addiction on the other hand, is a behaviour that you cannot stop, regardless of the health, financial, or emotional implications.

Wired For Euphoria

The brain is a complex organ. Your brain is compiled in a way that pleasant experiences, or experiences that make you feel good, want to be repeated. When you take drugs, a powerful chemical called dopamine is released by the brain, and that in turn provides you with feelings of intense euphoria. That feeling is what your brain, and body are chasing each time you take a drug.

Red Flags

There are a number of signs that drug addiction has you in its grips. You have a need to take the drug on a daily basis, you are never without the drug in your possession, you will go to any lengths to buy it even when you don’t have the money, you lose interest in your appearance, and you continue to use regardless of the implications to your relationships. You will do anything to get your hands on the drug; lie, cheat, or steal. It is time to seek help before its too late.