Whether your addiction has negative connotations or positive ones, it is still an addiction. The implications of being kept from carrying out the habit will leave you with the same negative effects.

Positive Thinking

The theory of positive thinking is deeply ingrained in the human mind and has been for generations, however, the social construct has required this form of mental adaptation. While it can be said that positive thinking has benefited many in the past, there are also many who have not reaped the rewards. They have in fact taken their positive thinking to such an extent that the situation was detrimental to their well-being. There are many other approaches that could benefit you, and impact your life.


Labelling something as “good”, or “bad” already attaches certain connotations to the situation. You may not have experienced the situation yourself, but because others have found it to be an unpleasant one, you assume that it must be so. When you finally are put in that situation you automatically refer to it as bad. The act of not labelling any given situation, or event will reduce the need for positive thinking, and rid you of stress that is unwarranted.

See The Silver Lining

Many situations are seen as unfavourable without you having experienced them already, however, if you delve a little deeper you may find that while at the time the implications were negative, something positive was the eventual outcome. For instance, you apply for a position of employment and are declined. Yes, this is a negative. However, a week later you are offered a more lucrative position. This is the positive. Without the former negative, the latter positive would not have been realised. Every situation does have the ability to offer rewards that might not be visible at the present moment.