An addiction is a strong compulsion to repeat the same thing over, and over. It is an unconscious habit that is hard to beat. There are both negative, and positive addictions in life; however, the results of refraining from the activity will yield the same results.

Negative vs Positive

Negative addiction refers to habits with negative connotations like alcohol, drugs, or gambling. Positive addictions refer to things that have a more positive connotation, and which may be more beneficial to your health like swimming, or running.

The Symptoms Of Withdrawal

Whether a negative, or positive addiction, withdrawal from the habit will have the same effects. If you are an alcoholic, you will become depressed, and anxious when made to refrain from the habit. The same applies to someone who runs on a daily basis. Attachment to anything, substance, sport, or another human being will always bring with it misery when that factor is removed. The difference lies in the affects the addiction has on your health, and the physical effects when that addiction is removed.

Change Direction

If you are inclined to have an addictive nature, steer your thoughts in a positive direction. Focus on forming positive addictions with activities that are beneficial to your health, and your body. It only takes one hour a day, over a period of three months to instill a habit-forming routine. Instead of lighting up in the morning, pull on your running shoes, and explore the neighborhood. Chances are that by the time you get back, the urge to light that cigarette will have already left your mind.

Incorporating positive addictions into your life will improve the quality of your life, the relationships in it, and give you a different perspective completely. It may be easier to fall into negative patterns but they are much harder to break free from.